Sunday 16 September, 2012

Shipping Container Home Plans

shipping container home plans

So, everyone is in love with shipping container homes these days. The container home trend is blowing up, as they are both modern and stylish, as well as affordable and eco friendly. However, a big concern is that they aren’t as readily available to buy as the demand would warrant. Fortunately for those looking to […]

Wednesday 15 February, 2012

2×4 Container Homes By Zigloo

container homes zigloo

Zigloo has jumped onto the scene as a top quality producer of floor plans for container homes. Their latest edition to the shipping container home plans scene leaves nothing to be desired. We would love to introduce to you Zigloo‘s latest creation, their 2×4 Cargospace Living container homes. These container homes boast a 1,760 sqft […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

Five Amazing Container Homes


Here at Container Dwelling we love to feature container homes that go above and beyond our wildest imaginations. Container homes are not only sustainable green living solutions, but are essentially modern works of art, and should be put on display. The following are five amazing shipping container homes that we feel not only fit the […]

Monday 06 February, 2012

Cargo Container Homes

porch 007

Cargo container homes are rapidly becoming quite popular for home owners wanting a modern alternative to the social norm. They are both creative and different than almost everything on the market and a creative challenge architects love. Along with this, the other great benefit of building and owning cargo container homes is they are very […]

Monday 23 January, 2012

Shipping Container Homes


Shipping container homes are trending worldwide, and are quickly becoming one of the top solutions to modern sustainable living. The idea of recycling these containers, that would usually be wasting away in ports and cities all over the country, and convert them into extraordinary shipping container homes is very refreshing, not only in the modern […]

Monday 23 January, 2012

Container Homes


Container homes are taking the modern sustainable living world by storm. These economical and eco friendly residential solutions are a great way to save tons of money on housing, reduce your carbon footprint, and create unique container homes that is truly a modern work of art. Container homes are built primarily from everyday shipping or […]